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CADD\BIM Planning & Implementation


Expert Guidance



Starter Standards & Revit Family Libraries



Revit, Navisworks & CAD Custom - Project Based

Project Consulting & Support


BIM Expert on your Team


myCADD Implementation ServicesCAD & BIM - Strategic Planning & Implementation

Transitioning from CAD to BIM takes a plan. We have extensive experience at helping firms transition from CAD to BIM. The key steps in the plan are:

1) Identify Needs & Goals

2) Standards Review - review current standards and recently completed projects.

3) Develop Master Template - contains office standard graphic conventions.

4) Develop Libraries - components and details.

5) Installation\Centralize Standards - The template and libraries need to be placed in a centralized location.

6) Identify First Project & Schedule Training

7) Project Consulting\Support - get a BIM Expert on your project team.



For the most part, modeling in BIM is an assembly process. The key to productivity is making sure everyone has ready access to all the components\resources they need. The key steps are:

1) Develop Custom Template - Capture Graphic Conventions\Standards in Templates.

2) Centralize your Libraries - Component and Detail Libraries.

3) Library Managment Services - We'll keep your libraries up to date for you on a monthly basis.



CAD \ Revit & Navisworks Training

The key to learning AND retaining new software skills is to make training applicable to your project, and then to apply those new skills right away. We achieve this through:

1) Project Based Training - Build your own project during training.

2) Custom Curricula - Each session custom to fit your team and project

3) Flexible Scheduling - Full Day\Half Day Sessions - On-Site, Off-Site or Remote

4) Trainers with EXTENSIVE real world experience - No Junior Staff here.

5) Post Training Consulting\Support - Answers are close by.

Icon-ConsultingProject Consulting\Support

The best way to ensure your projects are successful with BIM is to
ADD a BIM Expert to your team! For most offices this is NOT overhead and can be billed to your client.

1) On-Site Project Consulting - Regularly scheduled such as 1/2 day per week. Focus on streamlining team productivity and letting your staff focus on design.

2) Remote Project Consulting - Assist with BIM tasks such as library development as needed.

3) Remote Helpdesk - Keep things moving betwen visits. Call\Email and we'll answer questions right away.


CAD \ Revit \ BIM Standards
One of the keys to PRODUCTIVITY with CAD, Revit or any BIM tool, is to Automate your Standards. If you already have standards in place, our CAD\BIM experts can help you Automate your Standards...so that following the standards is the easiest way to do your work. If your standards aren't well defined, our myCADD "starter" standards and templates (available for both CAD and Revit) can kickstart the development of your standards.


Laptop-Book_Web1If you've already got standards in place, but your templates and documents are a little out of date, myCADD will work with you to update/evolve your standards. We'll document your graphic conventions, and help you determine your "best practices" , and document both of them in a secure and searchable document.

If your standards aren't well developed, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. We have done the work for you and created myCADD Starter Standards. The standards are available for both Autocad and Revit. myCADD standards are a complete CADD\BIM manual, based on industry standards and best practices...We've just simplified it and filled in the gaps while still maintaining conformance. myCADD Revit Standards also document best practices related to the effective usage of Revit and provide step by step instructions for those complex or rarely used tasks.

Contact us to find out more.