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Our experts will create a plan to increase productivity and profitability.
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Are you just getting started with BIM and Revit? Our BIM Experts can help you get up and running quickly. We’ve helped over 100 firms make the transition and we can guide you through the process.

We’ll develop a “Custom Implementation Plan” for you which clearly outlines the steps required, schedule and costs to move from CAD to BIM.

Planning & Implementation Process:

Ok, we know it sounds cliché, but we want to make sure we meet your expectations. What do you want to get out of BIM? For most the goal is using Revit as a “CAD Replacement”, but it can be much more than that. BIM is also about visualization, communication, energy analysis, coordination, etc. etc. We want to make sure we know what your goals our so we can develop an implementation plan that fits.
Send us samples of your current documents (CAD or PDF’s) and we’ll identify all the customizations that are required to develop your Revit template and Libraries. We’ll then send along a detailed implementation plan proposal for your approval.
Here’s where we really get started. One of our BIM experts will work closely with your team to develop your templates and standards. Much of this work is typically done remotely.
In order to be productive and meet deadlines you’ll need to leverage your CAD Detail Libraries and develop Revit Families for your project types. We have developed a series Revit Family libraries which address the shortcoming of the built in libraries and we’ll develop other families as needed.
Once the templates, standards and libraries are ready, we can help you install the software and centralize the standards so everyone in your office is using the same resources.
Now it’s time to get your team up to speed. We’ll develop a custom curriculum around your upcoming project. Training can be at your location or ours and rental laptops are available.
We all know that when training finishes up there will still be many questions…but we’ll be there to support you. One of our CADD\BIM experts can visit your office on a regular basis to work directly with your project teams to answer questions, and to continue to develop templates and libraries. Between on-site visits our helpdesk is available to answer any questions that may arise.

myCADD Starter Standards Document

There’s no need to develop your standards from scratch! We have developed the “myCADD Starter Standards” documents to address all the typical Best Practices including:

  • Starting Projects
  • File Naming Conventions
  • Line Weights
  • Project Origin Point
  • View Naming Conventions
  • Details
  • Importing Legends
  • Consultant Workflow
  • Organizing Views
  • Sheet Numbering
  • Linked Files
  • Wall Type Conventions
  • Customizing Project Title Block
  • Archiving
  • Team Environment Workflow
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myCADD Revit Training Class
Need help with a BIM project? Our BIM project experts are available to join your team. We’ll make sure your projects are organized properly, that the team is working efficiently, and can tackle any BIM management tasks, allowing your staff to focus on the project, not the computer.

How it works

We’ll set up a series of recurring on-site visits (typically a half-day or full day per week) for the duration of the project. We’ll meet and work directly with the project team each visit. We can work with more than one team\project per BIM Consulting visit.

Billable to your client

Just like any other consultant, you’ll bill our time to your client. (It’s not Overhead.)
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Our rates our much lower than the competition so we don’t post them on-line.
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Revit Training

CAD \ Revit \ BIM Support

myCADD consultants can help with every aspect of implementing and maintaining autocad or Revit.  We provide management and support services for architects, designers, engineers, construction managers, builders, owners and facility managers.

Service can be provided on an “as needed” basis or at regular intervals; all the while focusing on improving quality and productivity.

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