Field Measuring & Modeling Strategy

Each project starts by clearly defining the scope of work & the project goals. After a walk-though of the facility, and a discussion of what needs to be documented, we’ll determine what measuring technologies & modeling approaches we will use for the project. Click here to learn more about our process of “As-Built” documentation of Existing Conditions.

"Building the model to our standards is as important as measuring accurately."

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Laser Field Measuring
We build models your way! Our BIM experts first meet with your team to discuss and review project organization and modeling techniques. We’ll then start projects with your BIM templates, and use your family libraries so it’s as if you built the models yourself.

How It Works:

Send us your CAD and PDF files, identify the level of detail required in your model & we’ll build the model to your specs with your templates and libraries.

  • Send CAD & PDF files
  • Identify Scope
  • Model Built to your Specs

Facilities Management

CAD & BIM Updates/ Maintenance

Do you need to update your CAD Base Plans to incorporate recently created projects? We can take care of that for you as needed or on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. We can also update your space polylines and assist with CAD/BIM to FM software integrations.

Laser Field Measuring

The Right Laser for the Job

We use two different laser scanning technologies:

  1. 3D Laser Scanning
  2. Handheld Laser Measuring

3D laser scanning is used for hard to measure areas. Handheld laser measuring allows quick measuring that feeds directly into Revit. Our handheld laser field measuring allows us to build the models while on-site, eliminating the time and expense of multiple site visits.


  • Laser Scanning
  • Photographic Record
  • Revit/BIM Model
  • CAD and PDF Exports

Model Uses:

  • Architects: New Project Startup
  • Construction: Coordination & Clash
  • FM: Space Planning, Maintenance
  • Owners: Project Planning

What Makes Us Different:

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